Coronavirus infection has been suggested to be treated with radiation

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Several scientific teams from different countries proposed to treat coronavirus pneumonia with radiation therapy (radiotherapy). In particular, scientists from the Department of Medical Physics at the Jack Adi Cancer Center in Canada, after analyzing the scientific literature, reported on the ability of low doses of X-rays to reduce deaths from pneumonia on average by about 20%. And earlier animal tests have shown that the acute phase of pneumonia can be halved.

In the United States, ten patients with COVID-19 have already tested this technique. Those who received experimental treatment recovered in three days vs. 12 days in the control group. The time before discharge from hospital was reduced to 12 days, in the comparison group the patients were discharged on the 20th day.

However, American radiology specialists issued an article in which they pointed out serious side effects of such treatment. In their opinion, low-dose radiation therapy may indeed reduce inflammation, but it will also kill the B- and T-cells of immunity needed to fight the infection.

Russian experts also believe that such procedures can be carried out only after long tests on animals.

“COVID-19 disrupts regeneration in lung tissue. Radiation therapy can only exacerbate this process. For example, it can regenerate cells that release connective tissue. This way, lung fibrosis will only increase. There is no data yet on the remote effects after infection with SARS-CoS-2, and even low doses of radiation can give unpredictable results in the future,” said Galina Reva, professor of fundamental medicine at the School of Biomedicine of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

The professor emphasized that while scientists know too little about the nature of the coronavirus itself, it is impossible to turn the human body into a testing ground.