Coronavirus was found on shrimp packages from Ecuador in China

Chinese customs officers found coronavirus on packages of frozen white South American shrimp imported from Ecuador. This was reported on Friday, July 10, the Chinese information portal Global Times.

After positive results of tests for COVID-19, taken from products, China suspended registration at the border for three Ecuadorian companies.

It is specified that the virus on such packages was found in two Chinese cities at once – Dalian and Xiamen. The samples taken from the shrimps themselves and from the inside of the packages were negative.

According to experts, sanitary safety at the enterprises where shrimp were packed is not observed.

The outbreak of coronavirus in the largest wholesale market of the city “Xinfadi” was found on June 12 in Beijing. The infection was detected in several owners of retail outlets, and was also detected on their equipment. The authorities concluded that the source of infection was salmon shipped from the Jingsheng seafood market.

The authorities then began imposing restrictive measures to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the country. Thus, in the Fantai area, where the market is located, they introduced a martial law regime. The Beijing authorities also decided to suspend all passenger traffic to other parts of China due to the coronavirus outbreak.