Countries in the Middle East are interested in the Checkmate fighter

The countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America have shown interest in the latest Russian-made fighter Su-75 Checkmate, which was noted at the International Aviation and Space Salon-2021. This was announced on Friday, July 30, by Yuri Slyusar, General Director of the United Aircraft Corporation.

“At IASS, partners from the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America were interested in the new fighter [Checkmate],” the general director of the aircraft corporation said.

He pointed out that the light tactical aircraft (LTA) combines the most advanced technologies in the field of military aircraft engineering. Slyusar added that the aircraft has an open architecture and can be adapted at will. It gives an opportunity to install on the plane equipment of different manufacturers.

Initially, as Slyusar noted, the LTS was designed to use almost a full range of aviation weapons, which includes advanced means. The unmanned modification of the fighter will increase all-round awareness and survivability of the combat system, which will arouse interest among customers.

On July 20 Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his visit to the International Aviation and Space Salon – 2021, inspected a model of the aircraft in the Sukhoi pavilion. As it was specified in Rostec, there were no analogues of such aircraft in Russia yet. The aircraft is equipped with artificial intelligence, which independently conducts diagnostics and informs the pilot that it is ready to take off.

Then Rostec’s head Sergey Chemezov said that the cost of the new Russian Checkmate fighter would be $25-30 million, while Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov added that Russia already has a foreign customer for the new fighter.