Court in Kiev allowed to detain Poroshenko for a measure of restraint

The Kiev Pecherskyy district court has granted permission to detain former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for forcible delivery to a court session on a preventive measure. The lawyer of the former president, Ihor Golovan, said this on 12 January.

“Everyone knows that Petro Poroshenko arrives in Ukraine on January 17 at 9.00, and we know. This information is for some reason hidden by the office of the Prosecutor General, for some reason hidden by the Pechersky [district] court, that there is such a decision to detain Petro Poroshenko in order to bring him to court and there is a petition of the Office of the Prosecutor General to apply preventive measures to Petro Poroshenko”, – he said at the briefing.

The former Ukrainian leader is being investigated for possible involvement in high treason, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine announced on December 20. However, during the process of handing over the suspicion, Poroshenko ignored the security forces and left. He then left the country and headed for Poland. The politician himself promised to return to the country at the beginning of 2022 and give “answers to all questions – both concerning treason and financing of terrorism.

According to some reports, the former president is charged under two articles of the Ukrainian Criminal Code: “High Treason” and “Contributing to the Activity of Terrorist Organizations. The issue in question is the purchase of coal from Donbass. The investigation believes that Poroshenko disrupted the contracted supplies of coal from South Africa in the fall of 2014. Instead, the coal was purchased in Donbass.

On January 6, it was reported that a court in Kiev seized all of Poroshenko’s property. They include the politician’s apartments in Vinnytsya and Kiev, an estate in Kozyn, plots of land, and shares in a number of private companies.