Court lifts new restrictions on Britney Spears

The lawsuit between Britney Spears and her father, Jamie Spears, for custody is still ongoing. The singer is still under her parent’s control, but no longer as fully as before. Not long ago, the court went to the singer’s favor and lifted the first restrictions on her.

Thus, the day before, for the first time in a long time, Spears was spotted behind the wheel of a car. The star was in the company of her boyfriend Sam Asgari. And yet last month she was forbidden to drive a car, and also not allowed to ride in the car with Sam when he is behind the wheel. Britney herself told the court about this: “All I want is to own my money, I want this to be over, and I want my boyfriend to be able to drive me in his car.”

It’s worth noting that Spears’ father’s custody goes beyond the realm of reason. He categorically forbids his daughter from getting married and having children. The star has already changed the lawyer representing her interests. Britney is ready to fight for her freedom and hopes to get justice soon.