Court reveals settlement agreement between Epstein and Virginia Giuffre

A settlement agreement between deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre, the woman who accused Britain’s Prince Andrew of sexual assault, has been disclosed. It was reported by CNN on Monday, January 3.

The document is dated 2009. It says Epstein paid Giuffre $500,000 to have the case dismissed without an admission of responsibility or guilt.

The agreement was made public as part of Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Britain’s Prince Andrew. Her lawsuit alleges that Andrew had an affair with her in London against her will, and the financier Juffre is mentioned among those who induced her to have sex.

Earlier, Prince Andrew’s lawyers had argued that her lawsuit violated the terms of “some document” in which she agreed to a “general release” of claims against Epstein and others.

On October 29, Prince Andrew sent a document to a court in Manhattan, New York, asking that Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit accusing him of rape be dismissed. At the time, he insisted that the case against him be dismissed until the prosecution provided a “more definite statement” of its allegations.

In August, David Boyce, a lawyer for American Virginia Juffre (Roberts), reported that his client had accused Prince Andrew of rape. According to him, the Duke of York and his entourage have been obstructing attempts to settle the case prior to trial for the past five years in every way possible.

Prior to that, Boyce said the lawsuit would be based on the fact that Juffre was literally handed to Prince Andrew by American businessman Jeffrey Epstein to have sexual intercourse with her. At the time, the lawyer clarified, she was not 18 years old.

The son of Elizabeth II himself denies having sexual intercourse with the 17-year-old girl.

On Dec. 29, a jury found guilty of five counts out of six on Gilein Maxwell, the girlfriend of the late banker Jeffrey Epstein. The charges included conspiring with the businessman and recruiting minors for sexual exploitation. Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison.

In 2019, prosecutors reported evidence that Epstein arranged visits to his home in New York City’s Manhattan neighborhood for dozens of underage girls between 2002 and 2005. The youngest at the time was 14 years old. The case was dismissed in August of that year because Epstein committed suicide at a correctional center in New York. A few months earlier he had been arrested on charges of sex trafficking and enticing minors into prostitution.