Crisis with refugees on the Alan Kurdi rescue boat escalated

One of the migrants tried to kill himself, another was injured. The Italian coast guard took three refugees ashore.

On the German rescue ship Alan Kurdi, blocked near Sicily, the situation with desperate refugees threatens to get out of control. One migrant tried to kill himself, another was injured. The Italian Coast Guard has since moved three of the 149 refugees on board the ship, the humanitarian organization Sea-Eye reported on Thursday, April 16.

Alan Kurdi is anchored near Palermo. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was planned to transfer the migrants to a larger ship, where they could be quarantined. However, it is still not clear when that will happen. Italy and Malta refused to accept refugees, stating that they would not be able to provide treatment to these people.

The refugees are desperate.

Most of the refugees on Alan Kurdi have sailed to Europe from Libya to escape the atrocities and famine in the country’s camps. “These people have been imprisoned on Alan Kurdi for 10 days and are in total despair,” said Jan Ribbeck, head of the rescue mission. According to him, some of the people were ready to jump into the sea to reach the Italian ships. They were barely calmed down.

The Italian island of Lampedusa is also anchored by the Spanish rescue boat Aita Mari, with several dozen refugees on board. Italy has admitted seven of them for medical reasons – a family of three and four men, said the Spanish humanitarian organization Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario. On April 14, the Aita Mari took 43 refugees aboard from a sinking inflatable boat.