Cristiano Ronaldo first commented on his condition after being infected with coronavirus

On October 13, 35-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo reported that he contracted coronavirus. According to him, immediately after that he sat down in quarantine at his villa in Turin with his family. However the minister of sports of Italy Vincenzo Spadaforo has declared that the soccer player has arrived to the country only the next day after has learned about infection, thus breaking the law.

The athlete did not keep silent and refuted the politician’s words in the live broadcast in the installation. “I did not violate any protocols. They say that I broke the Italian laws, but this is all a lie. I talked about it with my team. We are all responsible for making sure that everything is done according to our minds,” he said.

The athlete tries to get in shape sooner to get back into training. And according to research, those with coronavirus tend to lack vitamin D. Therefore, Cristianu regularly takes sunbathing for 20-30 minutes on the terrace of his house.

“It is necessary to have a high level of vitamin C and D, omega 3, good and proper nutrition and exercise. Many people do not like it, but then at least just walk. And a good sleep is the best medicine. I sleep great every night, always eight or nine hours a day. Invest in it, it is very important. Eat well, eat a lot of vegetables, lots of greenery and do not abuse sweets to have a strong immune system,” he said.

Ronaldo Dolores’ mother confirmed her son’s words. In an interview with the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha, she said that Cristianu feels much better, but until a full recovery she can not yet meet him.