Customer asks the supermarket to reimburse him for 4800 rolls of toilet paper

A daring customer contacted an Australian supermarket and demanded a refund for the 5000 rolls of toilet paper and 150 bottles of hand sanitizer he had bought and could not resell online.

John-Paul Drake, of the Drakes supermarket chain, refused to refund this not-so-smart customer. On YouTube, he explained that the massive purchases of toilet paper were “absolutely ridiculous”. Eight months’ worth of stock was sold out in just four days in this store.

“Yesterday, a customer asked for a refund for 150 packages of 32 rolls of toilet paper and 150 units of one litre hand sanitizer. He explained that eBay had not allowed him to sell his merchandise.” So he wanted his money back. In the video posted on YouTube, the manager explains what his answer was: he raises his middle finger.

In a later post on LinkedIn, John-Paul Drake explains that the customer hadn’t made his purchases alone or in a single trip. He conducted a sophisticated operation that saw up to 20 people visit several Drakes stores at once.