Czech Military Intelligence predicted the threat of World War III

Czech military intelligence allowed the possibility of the outbreak of World War III. Experts believe that a possible global conflict is still in the preparatory stage.

Active development and use of technologies and growing tension between the superpowers – the United States, Russia and China – are among the reasons for a possible start of the global conflict.

According to the report of intelligence in 2019, the world began to appear people whose mindset is arranged so that they can and will want to enter into a large-scale war.

“Gradually determined by the technical means with which he [conflict] can be conducted. If we are not able to predict and evaluate the consequences of our own actions, then erroneous instructions or orders can give rise to processes that will lead to mutual destruction,” the LidovĂ© newspaper quotes November 10.

According to Czech experts, a cyberattack or drone attack, as well as a conflict between Moscow, Beijing and Washington may provoke the beginning of World War III.

Intelligence pointed out that in recent years there has been a lack of dialogue on the world stage, the role of international institutions and disarmament agreements is being questioned.

In July, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the Americans’ development of low-power nuclear weapons increases the risk of launching a nuclear war. The Foreign Ministry criticized the US for unwillingness to negotiate constructively and called on the American side to explain itself.

A similar opinion was later expressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. According to him, the reason for growing tension lies in Washington’s desire to regain global dominance.