Dana White is sued for $450,000

The head of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White, has been sued for extortion, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

According to journalists, the head of UFC became a victim of a criminal scheme with extortion back in 2014 in Las Vegas. At the time, White was meeting with a stripper who videotaped their meetings. Later, a real estate agent and dancer’s boyfriend, Ernesto Joshua Ramos, began blackmailing the married president of UFC, promising him he would put out videos if he didn’t get $200,000. However, in 2015, FBI agents arrested the extortionist, sending him to prison for 366 days.

On Friday, April 3, Ramos announced that he had filed a $10 million lawsuit against the UFC president in a court in Clar County, Nevada. According to the plaintiff, after his release from prison in April 2016, he went to a deal to keep the name of the head of the fighter organization in the criminal case confidential. Under their agreements, White was to pay Ramos $450,000 for his silence but did not do so.

White himself said he only found out about the lawsuit filed against him the day before.

“This guy did time in prison for attempted extortion five years ago. Now he’s hired a lawyer who also has a criminal background. Now he’s demanding $10 million from me. He didn’t get any money from me last time, and this time he won’t. I look forward to the court dismissing the lawsuit and getting rid of those bastards forever,” said the head of UFC, commenting on his extortionist appeal to the court.

Dana White has led the UFC Absolute Fighting Championships (UFC) since 2001. Currently, the UFC is the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. White’s fortune is estimated at $500 million.