Daniel Radcliffe told how he managed to cope with his early fame and alcohol addiction

“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe became world famous at the age of 11. The other day he told how he coped with his early fame. According to the actor, many are surprised that his popularity has not spoiled him. Radcliffe’s parents supported him throughout the filming of the cult project, for which he is very grateful to them.

“I realized very early on that people have very low expectations of who I’m going to be, and that’s great because hopefully they can always be exceeded. One time I was having dinner with a film director while I was shooting a movie, and I told some weird story about something that happened to me in a kind of light, funny way. When I finished, he looked at me and asked: “How are you still not spoiled?” That reaction happens, and I can’t give people a satisfactory answer,” Radcliffe told The Mirror.

Recall that in 2019, Radcliffe talked about his alcohol addiction. During a show with Sam Jones, the actor admitted that while filming “Harry Potter,” he got tired of being watched by the paparazzi and the attention of fans, and to forget himself, he started drinking. “I really struggled, especially in my late teens, when I first felt like I was being watched when I walked into a bar.” The actor managed to cope with his addiction through regular exercise.