Danish army reported collision of Ice Rose ship with Russian frigate

The Russian frigate collided with the refrigerated Ice Rose ship in the strait between Denmark and Sweden, the Danish armed forces said on Wednesday, September 23.

“The civil ship Ice Rose and the Russian frigate collided in the southern part of Eresunna,” the Danish army post on Twitter said.

As specified, the Danish vessel was on its way from St. Petersburg to Gothenburg.

It is specified that a patrol ship of the Danish Armed Forces and a Swedish tugboat arrived at the scene.

According to the head of the rescue service Jorgen Hansson, there was no information about the victims yet. He also noted that there was dense fog in the area, reports Aftonbladet.

This is also confirmed by the photos published in the Twitter account of Eresun Bridge.

In June, it was reported that the Russian trawler, with 35 people on board, ran aground off the coast of Norway near the island of Arnoy.