Death toll in Miami home collapse reaches 60

The death toll from the collapse of an apartment building in Miami, Florida, has risen to 60. This was announced by Miami-Dade County Supervisor Danielle-Livine Cava during a briefing for reporters on July 8. The broadcast is on the county’s Facebook page.

“We have recovered [from under the rubble] the bodies of several victims. The total death toll is now 60,” she said.

The official also noted that the fate of another 80 people remains unknown.

Earlier in the day it was reported that eight more bodies were found at the site of the collapsed apartment house. It was noted that the death toll was 54. Thirty-three victims were identified.

The collapse of a 12-story apartment building happened on the night of June 24. Authorities haven’t set the reasons for the collapse yet. The next day the president of the USA Joe Biden signed the decree about declaration of the state of emergency in Florida.

On June 28 TV channel CNN reported that the owners of the apartments in the collapsed house had planned to make repairs in it for about $15 million.

A day later, head of the Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue Department Alan Kominsky said that rescuers had removed more than 1.36 thousand tons of concrete debris while removing the rubble from the house.

On July 1, President Joe Biden visited the site of the tragedy. According to him, there is still no clear understanding of the causes of the house collapse.