Democrats are ready to vote for Biden.

New poll : Democrats are ready to vote for Biden.

According to sociologists, 22% of Democrats are ready to vote for Biden.
Joe Biden still remains the frontrunner among the candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

new poll joe biden leads

The poll showed that 22% of Democrats and independentvoters are ready to vote for Biden. The level of support for the former vice president has not changed from the poll conducted in July. Bernie Sanders is supported by 18%, the senator’s position has improved by 2% in a month.

None of the other Democratic candidates managed to score above 9%.

Biden and Sanders’s views vary. Sanders favors universal free health care, while Biden is a supporter of a more moderate approach that preserves private health insurance.

Both politicians are the strongest candidates capable of defeating Donald Trump, according to Democratic voters. Thirty-six percent of voters explained their choice solely by the likelihood of a candidate winning over an incumbent president. Only 11% said that the candidate’s views on medical reform matter for them, and 5% named the environmental program as one of the most important criteria.

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