Denmark opens kindergartens and primary schools

Denmark’s government allowed kids to return to kindergartens and junior high schools. Statistical data shows that the number of new infections with coronavirus has decreased.

On Wednesday, April 15, tens of thousands of Danish children will go to kindergartens and schools again. The Royal Government, building on its success in overcoming the Coronavirus epidemic, is renewing nurseries, kindergartens and schools for pupils from first to fifth grade inclusive. It is reported that new safety regulations, including distance, have been developed for these institutions. Those institutions that are not ready to open on Wednesday will open their doors next Monday.

This is the first step towards removing quarantine restrictions in Denmark. Denmark, with the timely introduction of quarantine and the closure of the borders on 14 March, including the Danish-German border, has achieved a reduction in the number of daily infections, as evidenced by the schedules of international scientific institutions. The number of COVID-19 patients in the country’s hospitals and reanimations is also decreasing.

From April 13, small shops with an area of up to 400 square meters, as well as specialized trade companies selling construction and garden accessories, resumed operations in Austria. “We want to overcome this crisis as soon as possible in economic terms,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said.

On April 15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold a meeting with the prime ministers of the 16 federal states to develop a scenario for lifting the restrictions.