Deputies fight in the Parliament of Moldavia

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Members of the opposition in the Parliament of Moldova did not allow the parliamentary majority to hold a session, blocking the podium and the presidium, as a result of which there was a scuffle between people’s deputies.

The vice-president of parliament (from the Party of Socialists) Vlad Batrinca tried to lead the session in order to adopt the laws on state budget, on social and medical insurance budget included in the agenda.

Opposition MPs blocked the microphone and did not allow the submission of draft laws to Finance Minister Sergey Pushkuts. Batryncha put all three bills to a vote and then announced their adoption in the first reading, for which deputies from the Party of Socialists and the Shor faction voted.

After that, the opposition deputies began to tear off the microphone of the vice-speaker, pushed the politician away and took his chair. Socialist MPs began to defend Batryncha; as a result, MPs pushed each other and poured water on him.

After the fight, the Moldovan parliament declared a break for an unlimited time.

The day before, the elected president of the country, Maya Sandu, stated that the current head of state, Igor Dodon, was trying to “usurp” power in the country. She called on her supporters to protest on Thursday. People were outside the parliament building and were now separated.