Detained Americans named purpose of attack on Haitian president

The U.S. citizens, who were detained in Haiti in the murder case of President Jovenel Moise, said that the mercenaries had no intention of destroying the head of state. It was reported by the newspaper Nouvelliste on July 8 with reference to the judge, who is taking part in the investigation.

According to the latest information, two Americans of Haitian origin, James Solage and Joseph Vincent, are among the detainees.

“They said they were interpreters. The purpose of the mercenaries was to arrest President Moise on a warrant from the investigating judge, not to kill him,” said Judge Clement Noel, referring to the testimony of the Americans.

No details about the warrant were not specified, however.

The judge explained that Solage reported finding “work on the Internet” during his testimony. He arrived in Haiti a month ago, while the mercenaries arrived three months ago.

In addition, Noel reported searches of cars belonging to the possible killers. Firearms and cash in U.S. currency were found there, as well as a surveillance camera server that was located in Moise’s home and his wife’s checkbook.

Haiti’s president, who has led the nation since 2017, was fatally wounded in an attack on his residence on the night of July 7. Moise’s wife was critically wounded in the attack. She was hospitalized.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on Haitians to maintain order and refrain from violence after the assassination of the country’s president.