Disneyland compiled the rules for parks after quarantine

Walt Disney Company agreed with the unions on the rules of Disneyland after the Coronavirus Pandemic. This is reported by Reuters.

Employees of amusement parks will wear masks, and visitors at the entrance will measure the temperature. Parks and amusement rides will be cleaned more often. In case of sickness, employees will have to go to a paid sick leave.

The agreement reached with the unions concerns 43,000 workers at Disneyland, Florida. Tickets will be sold on a cashless basis. The flow of visitors to the park will be separated by plastic barriers.

In late January – early March, Disney closed its theme parks in Asia, France and the United States to prevent the spread of coronavirus. About 120 thousand employees were sent on unpaid leave.

The first Disneyland left the quarantine on May 11 in Shanghai, China. The park was able to visit a limited number of tourists. Guests were required to wear masks and maintain a social distance.

On 27 April, it was reported that Disneyland in Paris can now be accessed without leaving home. The theme park has launched an online platform to please children forced to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. The site offers sightseeing tours. You can also visit virtual drawing and choreography lessons.