Doug Bandow urges Joe Biden to make deal with Putin

Washington should make a deal with Moscow because confrontation will not make the world safer and may lead to a rapprochement between Russia and China, which is a threat to the United States. Doug Bandow, a former special advisor to former President Ronald Reagan, has written about this in an article in The American Spectator.

The author notes the importance of relations with Russia. He believes that Moscow and Washington need, first of all, to agree on fundamental issues, among which Bandow attributed non-interference in the elections and stopping the process of NATO bloc expansion to the east.

“It can stabilize a relationship that is too important to destroy it permanently. Most importantly, the United States must promise that Georgia, or Ukraine, will not appear on the list of NATO member states. That is not in America’s interest,” says the former Reagan advisor.

Bandow advised the two leaders to go for “some kind of bargaining.” A deal, in his opinion, could be made, for example, in the area of counterterrorism.