Downing Street expressed the hope Johnson will return to work soon

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will soon be discharged from the hospital where he was taken for diagnostics on the coronavirus SARS-COV-2. This was reported by 9news on Monday, April 6, with reference to the Minister of Housing for Regions and Local Government Robert Jenrik.

“He’ll be in the hospital for as long as it takes, but I heard he’s feeling good, I really hope he gets back to 10 Downing Street as soon as possible,” Genrik said on BBC Radio.

Johnson was taken to the hospital April 5 because he still has symptoms 10 days after confirmation of infection. At the prime minister’s residence on Downing Street, his hospitalization was explained by the precautionary measures.

US President Donald Trump, in a briefing on 5 April, wished Johnson a speedy recovery and described him as a strong person.

On April 3, the British Prime Minister said that his fever was still high as he recovered.

On March 27, 55-year-old Boris Johnson reported that he was diagnosed with coronavirus. The politician said that his disease had mild symptoms, so he would continue to work in the regime of self-isolation.