Dozens of children in New York have a dangerous inflammatory syndrome

New York City and State authorities are reporting dozens of cases of inflammatory syndrome, apparently associated with coronavirus. Children have an excessive immune response, affecting their organs.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is concerned about the spread of inflammatory syndrome among children, which is believed to be associated with coronavirus. He said this on Sunday, May 10, noting that in New York, it was found in 38 children, in 9 other cases, the diagnosis has not yet been confirmed. According to the mayor, the children have an excessive immune response, leading to the defeat of internal organs.

The governor of the state Andrew Cuomo also made a statement about the syndrome. According to him, 85 cases of this syndrome are being tested in the state. Three children, the youngest of whom was five years old, may have died from its effects in the state.

Symptoms of inflammatory syndrome are similar to Kawasaki’s disease (inflammatory artery disease) and infectious toxic shock. Some children had already been tested for coronavirus, 47 per cent had been infected and 81 per cent had antibodies in their bodies. The emergence of the syndrome in children has also been reported from the UK, France and other European countries.