Dozens of Marine recruits in South Carolina have been infected with coronavirus.

An outbreak has also been reported on the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

Dozens of recruits and staff at the Marine Corps training center on the U.S. east coast have contracted coronavirus, leaving no new recruits for the foreseeable future.

This was reported by the Department of Defense.

The outbreak in Parris Island, South Carolina, occurred after a “wave of tests,” said a Department of Defense official on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive issue. One source reported that there were at least 20 cases, while a second source believed that there were dozens, but fewer than 50.

This may be the largest outbreak in the DOD system at the moment. Representatives of the military department said that the results of coronavirus testing of dozens of sailors onboard the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” were positive. This became known during the deployment in the Pacific Ocean, which forced the ship to stop in Guam last week.