DPRK fired several cruise missiles towards Japan Sea

DPRK fired several short-range cruise missiles towards Japan Sea. It was reported on Tuesday, April 14. Yonhap agency reports with reference to the statement of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff (CSC) of the Republic of Korea.

The shells, which are believed to be cruise missiles, were fired from the eastern part of the Muncheon area at about 7 a.m. The launch lasted for 40 minutes. The military estimated that the rockets flew more than 150 kilometers.

“The military is closely monitoring the situation with regard to possible additional launches while maintaining a state of readiness,” the CSC statement said.

March 30, DPRK announced that it will test a multi-charge launcher, which will be put into service by Korean People’s Army units. The day before, the CSC announced that North Korea had launched an “unidentified missile” towards the Sea of Japan.

On March 21, DPRK launched two short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan. The missile was launched from Pyongyang-Pucto Province.

On January 1, Kim Jong-un said the DPRK would continue to develop strategic weapons. This will continue until the hostile US policy towards North Korea is eliminated, the head of state said.