Dreyerʼs found the title “Eskimo” mourning for the Eskimos

American ice cream manufacturer Dreyerʼs intends to change the name of its product Eskimo Pie. The company considers the word “Eskimo” offensive to Eskimos. “We want to be part of the solution to the issue of racial equality,” Dreyerʼs representative Elizabeth Marquez told The Wall Street Journal on Friday, June 19.

In recent weeks, a number of companies have already announced that they are changing their logos in light of the anti-racism protests that began in the United States after the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis. These include PepsiCo (brand of Aunt Jemima) and Mars (brand of Uncle Benʼs).

Dreyerʼs is owned by Froneri, a company partially owned by the Swiss corporation Nestle. Eskimo Pie ice cream in the form of a bar in chocolate coating was patented in 1922. The logo of the product was a boy in traditional Eskimo clothes.

Eskimo Pie is the native population of Greenland, Alaska, the Canadian territory of Nunavut and the eastern region of Chukotka. The number of these people is about 170 thousand people.