Dubai Airport started using dogs to detect coronavirus

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The Dubai authorities have started to attract movie therapists with dogs to identify Coronavirus passengers at the airport. This was reported by Travel and Leisure.

It is noted that in the course of research dogs identified infected with an accuracy of 92%. The publication specifies that training dogs requires a laboratory, special equipment and sweat of sick people.

Dubai Airport was the first airport to use this method to combat coronavirus. Dogs will work remotely without coming into contact with humans.

Dubai opened for tourists in July. Tourists are required to obtain a COVID-19 negative certificate no sooner than 96 hours before the trip.

Earlier, on August 16, it was reported that the U.S. authorities approved a new coronavirus test for a saliva sample that would no longer require a nasopharyngeal swab. The test was developed by scientists at Yale University. It was called SalivaDirect.