Dungeons and Dragons found the term “race” racist

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Board games get rid of the inheritance, which in today’s world can be considered racist. The collection card game Magic: The Gathering has already been cleared of unreliable cards. Now under the lens of progressive society is the term “race” in the series of popular games Dungeons and Dragons.

Game fans on Twitter urged developers to get rid of the term “race” in describing the peoples inhabiting the universe of the game. The main developer of D&D rules Jeremy Crawford wrote about not yet announced product in June. And even then, attentive players noticed that he avoided mentioning the word “race”. There is a possibility that the developers are acting proactively. In tweet, Crawford used the word folk – “people”.

Some users have offered him the word “species”, even though it looks more scientific and not quite suited to the fantasy genre. The idea was supported and began to come up with other options that could replace the unreliable term. Thus, in the fan community, there is an opinion that the “race” should leave the game.