Dutch police found torture cells in shipping containers

Dutch police arrested 6 people after they discovered seven transport containers that had been converted into torture cells. This was reported by the CBC on Wednesday, July 8.

The containers were in the warehouse of Wouwse Plantage, located south of Rotterdam on the Dutch-Belgian border. They were converted into prison cells and soundproofed “torture cells” complete with a dentist’s chair, pliers, scalpels and handcuffs.

“These instruments were most likely designed to torture victims or at least to exert psychological pressure on them,” said a statement from the National Police Investigation Service.

Detainees are suspected of kidnapping and hostage-taking.

The cameras were detected by intelligence agencies’ hacking into EncroChat, an encrypted chat network through which criminals from a transnational group were ordered to torture and eliminate victims. Through the network, it was possible to obtain photos of the containers, which in the messages were called “torture chambers” and “Abi” with reference to the Dutch maximum security prison Abbott.

Intelligence agencies were also able to obtain information from chat rooms about potential victims and thus prevent their abduction.