Earth will be covered by a plasma cloud ejected from the Sun

A wave of solar plasma will reach Earth on Tuesday, June 1. It is reported on the portal

Coronal mass ejection was fixed on the Sun on Friday, May 28. It is noted that the periphery of the ejected cloud will reach Earth and may lead to minor geomagnetic storms of class G1.

The wave of positively charged ions and electrons will hit the Earth in passing and cause bright northern lights at subpolar latitudes. It is specified that residents of polar latitudes will be able to observe “a good light show”. According to scientists, it will be the brightest and fastest emission from the atmosphere of the Sun, recorded in the new, 25th solar cycle.

In December 2020, the Earth was also covered by a cloud of plasma ejected from the Sun. The planet was immersed in solar matter for about a day. At the same time, according to scientists, after a series of flares in December 2020, the Sun “fell into a depression” and reduced its activity.