Earthquake and flooding in Indonesia killed 96 people

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Heavy earthquake and flooding in central Indonesia killed at least 96 people. This was reported Monday, January 18, Xinhua news agency, citing the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency.

According to the spokesman of the Indonesian agency Raditya Jati, 81 people became victims of the earthquake with magnitude 6.2 and aftershock with magnitude 5.9 in the province of West Sulawesi. Another 15 people died in South Kalimantan province as a result of flooding.

About 68,000 people were placed in evacuation centers. The number of buildings damaged by the earthquake in West Sulawesi exceeded 1.1 thousand. At the same time the earthquake risk assessment in the region and rescue work are continuing, Jati noted.

In addition, in South Kalimantan about 25 thousand houses were flooded as a result of flooding. Since January 14, the province declared a state of danger due to heavy rains.

In turn, the head of the agency Doni Monardo said that to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus among the evacuees they will all be tested for antibodies.

The earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in the Sulawesi region in the evening on January 14. The epicenter of the tremor was located 6 km to the northeast of Mazhen town at a depth of 10 km. Later that day an aftershock of magnitude 5.9 was recorded in the region.

January 12 earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred on the territory of the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea. The epicenter of underground shocks was located 152 km east of the town of Nabire. The source was located at a depth of 10 km.