“Earth’s mirror reflection” was found by astronomers

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The exoplanet, probably suitable for life, found scientists from the Max Planck Society, writes the magazine Astronomy & Astrophysics. Astrophysicists have suggested: in orbit of the star Kepler-160, the distance to which about 3 thousand light-years, there are 4 planets. One of them, KOI-456.01, emits light not in infrared but in the optical spectrum. And this could indicate a possible habitability.

The star itself, around which the planet KOI-456.01 rotates, is similar in characteristics to the Sun, and most importantly – the distance between objects is comparable to the distance between the Earth and our luminaire. This means that there may be water in liquid form on the planet. The researchers have already called KOI-456.01 “mirror reflection” of our planet.

“The combination of a planet this size – smaller than two Earths – and a solar-type central star gives it such a feature and ‘recognition’,” said one of the researchers Rene Heller.

The radius of the discovered planet is 1.9 radius of the Earth, the period of circulation 378 days. The amount of light received Kepler-160, quite comparable to what the Earth receives from the Sun (about 93%). The researchers hope that the Plateau telescope mission, launched in 2026, will help confirm or disprove their assumptions.