EC proposed the creation of an EU sanctions regime for human rights violations

The European Commission proposed to create a regime of EU sanctions for human rights violations, no matter what country in the world they occur. Deputy head of European commission for forecast Maros Shefchovich told the journalists about it on October 19.

“Sanctions will consist in introduction of bans on entry and freezing of assets (in banks of European Union. – Ed.)”, – his words said.

In early October the EU imposed sanctions against 40 Belarusian officials, the reason for which was named “falsification of results of presidential election, use of violence and violation of human rights”. At that Lukashenko was not included into the sanctions list.

French president Emmanuelle Macron explained that the EU wants him to start a dialogue with the opposition in the country through the OSCE. Including a politician on the blacklist would justify his refusal to communicate. The French leader noted that Lukashenko may also be subject to sanctions in the future.