Eco-activists staged a protest in the Bundestag near Merkel

Berlin’s environmental activists Extinction Rebellion and youth movement Jugendrat staged a protest in the Bundestag on Thursday, a few meters from Chancellor Angela Merkel. This was reported by on Thursday, July 2.

According to the newspaper, the action was held on the occasion of the upcoming vote on Friday on the Fossil Coal Shutdown Act (Kohleausstieggesetz), which assumes a withdrawal from the coal industry by 2038. Environmentalists were outraged at this late date. Some have called for the shutdown of coal-fired power plants by 2025, while others believe that this should be done by 2030.

The video shows activists throwing leaflets and opening umbrellas symbolizing the “rescue package”, a government program to save the German economy from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In German, the package is denoted by the word Rettungsschirm, in one variant of translation – “saving umbrella”), so activists use orange umbrellas as a symbol of their movement. In their view, the programs adopted by the government and the Bundestag are aimed at protecting corporations at the expense of the interests of the young generation concerned about climate change.

The footage shows Merkel standing near the activists in a turquoise jacket. Security did not let the activists near her, but the Chancellor did not leave the demonstration site and listened to the young people. At the end of the video, the smile on Merkel’s face can be clearly seen.

In February, activists held protest actions in the offices of major international companies in Geneva. In the offices of the oil trader Vitol and the trading company Mercuria Energy Group there were sit strikes. About 50 protesters were at the headquarters of the American food company Cargill, based in Minnesota, for 15 minutes.