Ecuadorian police seized a shipment of cocaine in bananas

The Ecuadorian police seized 2.14 tons of cocaine hidden in a container of bananas, which was to be shipped from the port of Guayaquil to Russia. It was reported on Friday, May 21, TN23, referring to law enforcement officials.

It is specified that such a volume of the drug is the largest detected since the beginning of this year.

It is noted that the substance was found by a working dog, when the container was at the port of embarkation – almost at the last moment, before the shipment.

The value of the cocaine seized is estimated at $4 million by Ecuadorian standards, but it is noted that upon reaching the point of arrival, the shipment may have increased in value to $127 million.

According to Ecuavisa, law enforcement officers recovered a total of 2,121 bricks with the prohibited substance.

According to the Federal News Agency, the ship’s route to Russia went through the Netherlands, the largest drug trafficking point in Western Europe.