Edgard Tupet-Tome, one of the Free French Forces Veterans, died at the age of 100

One of the last four Free French Forces Veterans (FFL), d’Edgard Tupët-Thomé, died at the age of 100, the mayor of Paris, Ann Hidalgo told Twitter on Wednesday, September 9.

“I was saddened to learn of the death of Edgard Tupet Thome, a member of the Resistance, who celebrated his centenary in April. I express my sincere condolences to his family and loved ones,” Hidalgo wrote.

The Free French Forces are the armed forces of the patriotic anti-Nazi movement “Free France” during World War II.

Edgard Tupët-Thomé joined the French army in 1938. He took part in heavy battles in Lorraine, Belgium and Dunkirk.

During the fighting, Edgar Tupe Tome was captured by Germany, but he managed to escape and through Portugal to London to General de Gaulle. He became a member of the French Resistance Movement, and later one of the first four French who acted in the country as secret agents of the FFL.

In 1981, he wrote a book of memories. In April 2020, as a sign of his centenary, he was awarded the highest degree of the main award of France – the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor.