Eight women burned in Congo after accusations of witchcraft

Eight women were burned alive in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the past month. The Guardian newspaper wrote about it on September 28, quoting local human rights defenders.

The journalists point out that local residents were on a witch hunt. Thus, from June to September of this year, more than 300 women were accused of witchcraft. Experts blame the country’s authorities, who do not take any measures to stop such incidents, for what is happening.

“The police and the justice system are not doing their job,” sociology professor Bosco Muchukivu stressed.

In order to identify “witches,” residents use the data of “witches.” Lawyers believe that it is difficult to find the perpetrators in such cases because those involved in the burning in the communities are hidden.

Witch-hunting has been practiced in Congo for decades. It is legally recognized as a criminal offense, but it is not properly regulated.