“Elephant”: Megan’s first role after stepping down from royalty

The Duchess of Sussex Megan has announced her first role since the formation of the court duties – the voicing of the footage of a documentary film studio Disney.

The film is called “Elephant” and will be available for viewing on a subscription channel Disney + already April 3. This news was tweeted by the Disney studio itself.

In a nearby tweet reported that the same day on the channel Disney + released another movie, voiced by another selectivity – Dolphin Reef (“Dolphin Reef”). The shot text will be read by Natalie Portman.

The news of Megan’s return to the film industry was also confirmed on Thursday at Buckingham Palace.

“Disney this morning (Pacific Standard Time) issued a press release on the project to voice the film Elephant with the participation of the Duchess of Sussex, which will premiere at Disney + on April 3,” – said the palace.

As it follows from the combined trailer to both films – “Elephant” and “Dolphin Reef” – the story of elephants tells of one family who made an extraordinary journey through Africa, a thousand miles long, which completely turned her life upside down.

The British tabloid Daily Mail writes that Megan apparently recorded the footage last fall, while in London, after the studio itself had asked her to do so.

The newspaper also reminds of the record of a conversation between Prince Harry and Disney studio head Bob Eiger, which appeared on the Internet in July last year at the premiere of the new film “Lion King” in Britain. According to the recording, Prince Harry in half a joke began to ask Eiger for Megan to give some work on the sound.

Before his marriage to Prince Harry, Megan Markle starred in several small roles in film and television. Her most prominent role was the character Rachel Zane in the American series “Force Majeure”.

About her work on voice-over is not known.

Presumably, Megan’s participation in this project will help raise funds for the charity “Elephants Without Borders” (Elephants Without Borders), with which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have collaborated in the past.

Harry and Megan’s royal duties will expire on 31 March, although they fulfilled their last official royal commission early in the month by visiting Westminster Abbey in London for the Commonwealth Day service.

Harry and Megan, together with their 10-month-old son Archie, are now in self-isolation in Canada on Vancouver Island.