Elizabeth II is extremely concerned about Prince Harry’s mental state. Will his family turn away from him

In particular Elizabeth II, the royal family are “extremely concerned” about Prince Harry’s mental health amid his recent public interviews. The Duke of Sussex’s family in Britain will not turn their backs on him, biographer Angela Levine said. “I think Harry’s family in London are extremely concerned about his mental health, and they know full well that slamming the royal door in his face could have devastating consequences,” she said.

Angela Levine stressed that Kate Middleton believed before Oprah Winfrey’s scandalous interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had time and a chance to return to the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge is currently trying to act as a peacemaker and is doing everything possible to reconcile the parties.

“I was reliably informed that she even told her friends before the Oprah interview that it was too late to ‘get Harry and Meghan back,'” said royal expert Camilla Tomini. – Having grown up alongside her siblings, Pippa, 37, and James, 34, Kate Middleton is still eager to bury the hatchet even after the interview aired to multimillion-dollar audiences around the world. Apparently, she’s doing it for baby Archie’s future relationship with his royal cousins. Her natural instinct is to try to smooth things over.”