Elizabeth II pardoned the murderer who stopped the terrorist on London Bridge

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain pardoned Stephen Gallant, a convicted murderer who helped stop the terrorist attack on London Bridge in November 2019. This was reported by the Daily Mirror on October 18.

Elizabeth II exercised her right to a pardon on the recommendation of the government. Thus, Gallant may be released nine years before the 17-year sentence for murder, to which he was sentenced in 2005.

On the day of the terrorist attack, Gallant was invited to a meeting of graduates and teachers of the prisoner rehabilitation program, for which he was released for one day. When terrorist Usan Khan pulled out a knife, Gallant took a half-meter tusk from the wall where the meeting was taking place to stop him. Together with other men, he followed Khan, where passers-by managed to apprehend the bomber before the police arrived.

On November 29, 2019, a man attacked passers-by with a knife near London Bridge. The intruder managed to wound five, two of whom later died. The police shot the offender and qualified the incident as a terrorist attack.