Elizabeth II postpones important Christmas address to the nation amid Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, are actively negotiating over Brexit. They are trying to negotiate mutually beneficial conditions for both sides, but so far they cannot find a way out.

Many things could change in Britain as a result of these decisions, so Elizabeth II, who traditionally sums it up in her Christmas address, cannot record it yet. She is waiting for Johnson’s official statement on Brexit.

According to Western media reports, Elizabeth II has already written part of the speech and is preparing to tweak it due to the decisions of diplomats. “She usually shoots a video address in early December. Sometimes it happens that the video is ready by the middle of the month, but this time the address will be later than usual. They say it could be Wednesday or Thursday. By then, the country could be a very different place leaving the European Union without a deal,” a source told The Sun. The insider also said the queen will talk about the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world.