Elon Musk can buy Tesla shares with discount and sell them profitably

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Every now and then “in the Internet” sounds the opinion that the Tesla company is working in vain, promises are not fulfilled and there is no hole from a bagel. Nevertheless, the market capitalization of Elona Musk’s company reaches new heights and keeps them. Falls also happen, but in six months the average market capitalization of Tesla exceeds $150 billion.

According to the existing agreements, this means that Elon Musk can claim for bonuses. If he worked at the plant, the bonus would be a pleasant plus, but in the case of Tesla we are talking about billions of dollars. More precisely, about $2.1 billion in the form of shares, which Musk can buy at a significant discount – 1.69 million at $350 per piece against $1.5 thousand “for everyone else.

Taking into account past tranches for excellent performance, the sale of shares owned by Elon Musk would have brought him $4.2 billion. As noted by Reuters, the bonuses increased in price, as well as the shares of Tesla: over the year they added about 500% thanks to sales of Model 3.

According to analysts, at the end of the quarter the company will suffer a loss of $240 million. Earlier the figure was higher – $340 million.