Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s fastest electric car

Tesla officially unveiled its new Model S Plaid electric car, announced in January. The presentation was led by Elon Musk, according to whom this car is faster than any sports car, faster than any Porsche and simultaneously safer than any Volvo.

The Model S Plaid became not only the company’s fastest electric car, but also the fastest mass-produced car. It takes less than 2 seconds to accelerate to 96.5 km/h and its top speed exceeds 320 km/h. Without recharging, the car can travel more than 620 km.

When asked why a city car needs such speeds, Musk replied:

“We have to show that the electric car is the best choice. It should be clear that cars powered by clean energy can be the fastest, safest, and coolest cars in every way.

The exterior design is virtually unchanged – it’s still the same Model S, though now with an even lower aerodynamic drag coefficient (0.208). Significant changes have touched the interior – there is a new digital dashboard behind the steering wheel, 17-inch horizontal touchscreen, additional display for passengers in the back, wireless charging for smartphones and not only.

The Model S Plaid cost about $130,000 . The first 25 Model S Plaid cars are already on their way to customers. Within a week it is planned to deliver several hundred more of these cars.