Elton John’s ex-wife demanded £3 million from him for violating the terms of the divorce

Elton John’s ex-wife Renate Blauel demanded £3 million from him for violating the terms of their divorce agreement. This was reported by the Daily Telegraph on July 24.

Blauel claims that John included it in his memoirs and movie “Rocketman”, which violates the clause of the agreement prohibiting any of them from discussing their marriage or the reasons for divorce. Blowell’s team of lawyers points out in the documents that after the divorce she tried to hide her life from the public, but the details of her life and divorce were revealed in the film and the memoirs.

“As a result of the above violations of (her) right to privacy was violated <...> She and her marriage became the subject of close attention and discussion in the press,” Blauel said in the claim.

The musician’s ex-wife is seeking an injunction to prevent future disclosures and to cover some £3 million in damages, as this has had serious psychological consequences. The singer’s side denies the violation of the agreement, citing the fact that the information in the book, film and social networks is publicly available, while the agreement “applies only to personal and confidential topics”.