Embraer showed the concept of modular transportation, it can both fly and drive

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has shown what the multi-purpose transport of the future can look like – it is a universal cabin with passengers or cargo, which in the process of moving to the target is connected with the landing gear of the ground drone, or with the flying module.

A new type of urban transport – air taxi – at the current stage of development is positioned as one of the elements of a single transport system. The aircraft delivers passengers from one airport to another, and from there they already get by ground transport – it is impractical to build landing sites on every corner, writes New Atlas.

Companies like Uber promise to fully coordinate all modes of transportation so that the user doesn’t have to worry about it, and to reduce travel time. But constant transplants are tiresome, especially if you have to drive like this every day.

Brazilian Embraer offers a new option: the Pulse system – a luxurious cabin for passengers with various “attachments” – the hull and wings of an aircraft or landing gear of an unmanned ground vehicle. Of course, all this works on electricity.

The passenger only has to choose the destination in the application and wait for the robot car to pick him up and take him to the airport. There, the cockpit, which has dropped its landing gear, will take the aircraft on board, which will take the passenger to the right point and hand him again to the landing gear waiting there.

All this, of course, is just a concept, which has a lot of problems to solve before its implementation. To begin with, launch at least one network of unmanned aerial taxis, such as those developed by Chinese EHang or German Lilium. However, it is certainly a pleasure to fantasize about this topic.