Emily Ratajkowski will not impose the gender on her child

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“We will not know the gender of our child until he turns 18”: model Emily Ratajkowski announced pregnancy in a big essay about motherhood.

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski told about her pregnancy in a column for Vogue and explained why she does not want to talk about the gender of her future baby.

“When my husband and I tell friends about my pregnancy, their first question after congratulations almost always sounds like this: “Do you know who you want? We like to answer that we don’t recognize gender until our baby is 18 years old and then he or she will tell us about it,” explains Ratajkowski.

According to her, she doesn’t want to impose gender stereotypes on the future child. At the same time, no matter how progressive the mother is, she wants to know the gender, because any information about the child will make her understand more and feel its reality.

Ratajkowski said that she had been dreaming about a girl since childhood. The psychotherapist warned the model that many women want this because they want to correct their mistakes through education “mini version of themselves. Ratajkowski said that boys also face similar problems with their parents, so she wants to protect her child from something like that.

“I want to be a parent who will allow my child to reveal himself. I hope that it will be able to decide on its place in the world, although it will face inevitable restrictions and gender prejudices before it speaks, and even before it is born,” the model writes.