Encouragement rating: how Donald Trump raised people’s trust when the pandemic struck

On the one hand, Donald Trump has been criticized by tons for his mistakes in the early stages of the epidemic and his clear underestimation of the situation. On the other hand, his approval rating has not been growing for the first week, and his opponent democrats have not yet been able to convert the White House head’s misses into his advantage in the fight for the presidency. According to the interviewed experts, the paradox (“the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with Trump, but more and more Americans approve Trump”) has a very logical explanation.

It is unlikely that any other country can break the American “record” for the number of people infected with the “Chinese” coronavirus if, of course, it relies on official statistics. More than 400 thousand infected and the highest rate of growth – such indicators were not even in Italy and just recently bypassed her Spain.

It is a fact that the administration and Donald Trump himself were clearly united at the dawn of the epidemic. And if preventive action had been taken a few weeks earlier, the number of people infected would certainly not have been so terrifying.

Coronavirus deaths are expected to peak in the US in the coming weeks
The president’s stubborn reluctance to acknowledge the virus’s danger at first and to sacrifice economic success – a major achievement in nearly four years in the Oval Office – has added COVID-19 room for maneuver.

It is now difficult to accuse Donald Trump of not fighting a dangerous disease. If by the end of February the U.S. had conducted only about 4 thousand tests for coronavirus, now America is leading by this indicator – almost 2 million tests.

Democrats saw the epidemic as a chance to reelect a Republican for a second term. As former U.S. Vice President, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden assured, “I could have done better!” However, today, when the White House has already reclassified COVID-19 from the category of minor difficulties to the main enemies of America, this is clearly not enough.

Trump extended the sanctions for interference in the electionFresh data from CNBC: 46% of Americans support the White House head’s policy – six percentage points more than in December 2019.

As Peter T. Coleman, Professor of Psychology at Columbia University (USA), who studies intractable conflicts, explained, despite all his mistakes, there is a quite reasonable explanation for Donald Trump’s rating increase.

Very often, elected leaders – presidents, governors, mayors, and so on – receive increased support in polls when our nation, states, or cities are under some kind of threat or attack. It is also known as “uniting around the flag” syndrome.

In his article for Politico, the professor also explained that, psychologically, in November, Americans excited about the “airborne danger of death” are likely to vote for Donald Trump because of his dominant leadership style and promises to protect everyone.

According to Eduard Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow, despite the severe blow to the U.S. economy caused by the pandemic, Donald Trump was able to turn the situation in his favor.

– One of the reasons for the growing rating is his constant presence on TV, social networks and other platforms. He appears before an audience as a strong leader capable of taking the country out of the crisis.

Surely in another situation the news of Bernie Sanders’ exit from the fight would blow up the media space. However, now everyone is focused on something else, so the campaign winding down, which the democratic socialist announced on April 8, is left somewhere in the background.

The promised to be a very interesting race among Democrats ended around the middle of the primaries, and Joe Biden, as the party establishment wanted, was the only candidate to spar with Donald Trump on November 3.

Today, it’s only in the 2016 scenario with Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden. I’m sure the former vice president will decide that he can now quietly focus on Donald Trump. However, the same useful option opens up to the incumbent himself, who in this case clearly saved a few skeletons from Biden’s closet.

-In Trump’s background, Biden looks like an exhausted old man

Biden beat Trump six points ahead of the national pollIn national polls, Joe Biden continues to outperform Donald Trump by a few percent. But as we know, to win the war for the White House, you have to win the battles for individual states. And here, for Democrats, the projections are not yet encouraging.

So the Democrats led by Joe Biden will find it extremely difficult to confront Donald Trump, who is in the middle of the Coronavirus fight…

Now, as an alternative, the name of the Governor of the State of New York (most affected by COVID-19 – about a third of all cases in the U.S.) Andrew Cuomo is increasingly mentioned.

So far, Andrew Cuomo has refused to run for president. However, the Congress of the Democratic Party has already been postponed from July to August, and, quite possibly, the governor will be persuaded to challenge Donald Trump.