End of the world July 4, 2020: new expert predictions for the Parade of Planets

Astrologers predict the apocalypse on July 4, 2020, the same day the planets will “arrange” a parade. It is with this phenomenon that people connect the prophecies about the next “end of the world”.

What events should happen on July 4, 2020 on Earth.

According to forecasts of some experts, on July 4, 2020 the Earth can really experience some truly terrifying events. The fact is that during this period, all the planets of our universe will stand in one row. Despite the fact that the arc in which the planets will be formed is not too big, you should not expect something good from it.

Something similar, people observed in 1982, when the planets formed an arc on one side of the Sun. This phenomenon is considered to be the most similar to the effect that is expected for July of this year. Astronomers have learned about it long before now. They are also convinced that this parade of planets will not bring any good change for humanity.

A large number of astrologers claim that the space events of July 2020 may cause new outbreaks of pandemics, natural disasters, earthquakes and other cataclysms. They also note that planets will influence magnetosphere of the Earth as a result of which magnetic storms become more powerful. Accordingly, their impact on the well-being and life of people will be stronger. In the zone of special risk, as usual, will get weather-dependent individuals.

Versions and predictions of how the planetary parade of July 4, 2020 will affect the Earth.

After the planets were lined up, it was not uncommon for unpleasant and sometimes very horrifying events to happen. For example, after such a space event in 1982, the Earth was overwhelmed by a wave of powerful earthquakes. They lasted for almost ten years.

Seismic and volcanic activity was greatly increased at that time and the consequences of those events were very unfortunate. However, experts were convinced that a parade of planets at that time would bring much more destruction. Fortunately, their predictions did not come true then.

There is no scientific confirmation that a lot of unpleasant events in the world happened because of the parade of planets.

There are versions that the planetary parade on July 4 will entail various events at the state level, which will be discussed not only by astrologers. There is also a view that the parade of planets in July will cause nuclear war throughout the world.

Experts also do not rule out the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic. This topic is, by the way, the most topical, as this deadly virus is still not fully studied and thousands of people die from it every day.

Some conspirologists continue to put forward versions about the mysterious planet Nibiru, which will still reach our planet and destroy it. They claim that at the moment this cosmic body is hiding in the Kuiper belt or in the cloud of Horta, and at a certain time will approach the Earth and cause it a fatal blow.