England’s chief medical officer of health assessed the speed of Omicron’s spread

The Omicron coronavirus strain will quickly reach a peak in spread, but will also quickly go into decline. Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer of health, said this during a speech to a parliamentary committee on Thursday, December 16, the British Metro reported.

The spread of the new strain of coronavirus will peak soon, he said. But the doubling of the rate of infection will soon slow down, he stressed.

He attributed the reasons to citizen caution and restrictions, as well as the emergence of more and more citizens with immunity to the infection.

In the next two weeks, the number of infections will be “impressive,” the professor pointed out.

When asked whether people should attend parties and soccer games this weekend, given that cases of COVID-19 are high, Professor Whitty said that everyone should make their own decision. He said people should be aware of the risks involved in attending such events.

Earlier in the day, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern about the speed with which the new strain of the Omicron coronavirus is spreading, with new cases of infection increasing every two to three days. According to experts, even if the strain turns out to be less volatile than others, it will still “shake up” the British health system.

On Dec. 15, Jenny Harris, executive director of the U.K. Health Safety Agency, said the Omicron strain was the most dangerous to the U.K. health system in the entire pandemic.

On Dec. 13, the first death from the effects of the Omicron strain was reported in Britain. Experts believe that in the worst-case scenario up to 75,000 people could die of infection in five months in the country.