Environmentalists found masks and gloves in Europe’s largest rivers

Ejected masks and gloves have been found in seven major European rivers, and experts have linked the contamination to the coronavirus. This was reported by a representative of the Water Resources Monitoring Foundation Tara Ocean Roma Hetinger on July 12.

The expert did not specify what water bodies we are talking about, but it is known that the Foundation is studying such rivers as the Thames, Elbe, Rhine, Seine, Ebro, Rhone, Tiber, Garonne and Loire.

On France Inter, Hetinger said that the specialists who investigated water bodies in June regularly found protective equipment in the water. She said gloves and disposable masks would “decompose quickly,” but there were fears that the garbage had already entered the sea.

June 15, Executive Director of the NGO “Green Patrol” Andrei Nagibin warned about the possibility of a sharp deterioration of the environment after the pandemic.