Erdogan threatened Macron with problems for criticizing Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened French leader Emmanuel Macron with problems for criticizing his country. He made this statement during a speech in Ankara on Saturday, September 12.

“Hey, Macron, what are you doing? You’re going to have a lot more problems with me. It’s better not to get in touch with the Turkish people and Turkey,” the Turkish president said.

Erdogan stressed that Macron does not know the history at all, including the history of his country, and said that France is responsible for the deaths of 1 million people in Algeria and 800 thousand in Rwanda.

“Learn these lessons first before teaching them to us,” he said.

At a press conference on September 10, Makron said that the countries of Southern Europe express the solidarity of Greece in its conflict with Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea. He also stated that Paris was ready to enter into a dialogue with Ankara to resolve the situation.

The conflict between the countries escalated in August after the interference with the Turkish ship Oruc Reis, which was conducting seismic research in the Eastern Mediterranean. At that time Erdogan stated that Turkey would not give up its plans for exploration in the Mediterranean Sea despite the threats of sanctions.

On August 29, Turkey issued a notice on the international warning system NAVTEX about the conduct of exercises in the Mediterranean Sea from August 29 to September 11. Presumably, the exercise was announced because of the crisis in relations with Greece. The day before Ankara announced the interception of six Greek F-16 fighters in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Turkish Air Force forced them to leave the area.